New Lightroom Guided Upright Tutorial

Set lines to show Lightroom hat you want to be vertical or horizontal

If you’re taking any travel photos of monuments or cityscapes this summer, or just enjoy taking architectural photos, chances are you’ll run into  a few images that need some perspective correction, especially if you’re using a very wide angle lens or a point and shoot.  I know I’ll likely run […]

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3 Great Ways to Speed Up Your Lightroom Editing

How to edit faster using bath editing in Lightroom

Sometimes you just want to get it done. Most of us want to spend more time taking photos than sitting at our computer editing them. Or maybe you enjoy the editing process but sometimes…maybe often…you just don’t have tons of time to spend. That’s where Batch Processing comes in handy. […]

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6 Steps for Getting Organized in Lightroom

6 easy ways to get organized so you can clean out unneeded photos, trim your catalog and find images by keywords

One thing that can be challenging to photographers is how to organize images in Lightroom, what file structure to use and how to keep your catalog in good shape. It’s easy to simply download photos and put them in a randomly named folder, but then you get to a point […]

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Lightroom: The Good and the Bad of Using Develop Presets

what you need to know about Lightroom Develop Presets: The good and the bad

Some people love Lightroom develop presets and use them all the time while others wouldn’t even consider applying one to their image. I’m somewhere in the middle. I find they can be a huge time-saver for certain tasks, but I also found that I had ended up with dozens of […]

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