How to Use the Adjustment Brush Tool in Lightroom

​Sometimes rather than needing to adjust the whole image, you just want to make some edits or adjustments in certain areas without affecting the rest of the image. That’s where the Adjustment ​Brush in Lightroom Classic come into play and you’ll find you’ll use it often. In fact, it's my favorite tool because it's so versatile and powerful.

For a quick recap, the Basic panel and other panels along the right side of the Develop module make changes to the entire image; they’re called global adjustments. But the Adjustment ​Brush, ​located at the far right just under the Histogram, and the other tools next to it are Targeted Adjustment tools which means you can apply them just where you want them.

In this video tutorial I'll show you how to select the Adjustment Brush, change the brush size, brush on effects like color and exposure, explain what brush feather, density and flow mean, and more. I'll walk you through using the Adjustment brush to modify and enhance a sunset image. Check out the video below.

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