Adobe Lightroom: How to Group Images Into Stacks

Using stacks can make browsing your catalog in Grid View much easier. What’s a stack? When you have a lot of similar images, for example you shot in burst or continuous mode when taking portrait or sports shots, you can group similar images together in a stack and you’ll just see the top image with the rest of them hidden below. You can expand the stack to see the images below and collapse it again to move them out of the way. It’s a great way to conserve precious screen real estate yet still have fast and easy access to all your images. I’ll show you how easy it is in this tutorial. I’ll show you some shortcuts and how they’re used with virtual copies (multiple copies of the same image) as well. If you shoot a lot of bracketed exposures for HDR, raw+jpeg or in burst mode, watch my tutorial on auto-stack by capture time.

Stacking Images


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