Adobe Lightroom: How to Find Your Photos Using Filters

This training video will show you ways for searching your catalog using keyword filtering and the text, metadata and attribute filters. Instead of calling it “search” Lightroom calls this function”filtering,” which is a tad confusing to some. But it’s a very powerful tool, located in the Library Module grid view. There are lots of ways you can filter your photos: you can do it by keyword, flag status (whether picked, unpicked or rejected), star rating, capture or edit date, the type of lens, camera, location, creator and even by shutter speed or aperture. You can even set special criteria and create smart collections, which are like saved searches.

Using the filter is much faster than trying to remember which folder or collection a particular image is in. One of the most common searches is by keyword and/or rankings (using stars, picks or labels), so it’s important that you have applied these criteria to your images first.  Be sure to watch these tutorials on keywording in Lightroom and on culling and ranking images using flags, ratings and labels

 Finding and Filtering Your Images


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