Creating Selective Color in Lightroom Classic

In this Lightroom Classic video tutorial I will show you two techniques for creative selective color in Lightroom. We will make our image black and white and just have selected areas in color. This can be an interesting effect especially if you want to isolate an object and put emphasis on it.

The image I’m using is from the Grand Canyon. I picked this photos because it’s a good one to show you two different ways to create selective color, not because it will look especially good this way. You can use either method or both on the same image, which is what I will do here.

We are going to make everything black and white except the tree. It’s actually quite simple to do, and we can do it without layers, which is what you would use if you were doing this in Photoshop. Another reason to love Lightroom.

This effect looks very interesting on certain images, especially flowers. It doesn’t look great on everything, so it’s something that you don’t want to do on every photo. But it is a fun technique to have in your pocket. Watch the video and give it a try.

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