Adobe Lightroom Training Videos

Learn Adobe Photoshop Lightroom! We offer easy-to-follow video tutorials on everything from understanding how the Lightroom Catalog works to using the Library Module for organizing and managing your image archive, to mastering the Develop Module for adjusting and enhancing your images and more. They’re all geared for beginning to intermediate users. You’ll love how amazing Lightroom can make your photos look, and it’s easier than you think.

Lightroom Guide

Tutorials are divided into sections. You can start anywhere, but if you’re new to Lightroom, I recommend starting with the first video in Series 1. New tutorials are added on a regular basis.

Series 1: Getting Started with Lightroom

Series 2: Getting Organized

Series 3: Developing and Adjusting Your Images

Series 4: Retouching Portraits

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  1. Hans Kandert says:

    I like your teaching approach.

  2. ADRIAN says:

    Hi Valerie, I just wanted thank you and congratulate you on your Lightroom teaching style. You seem to have a way of teaching more in-depth Lightroom features whilst making it simpler to understand than all the other tutors out there. I made it my new year resolution to get really good with Lightroom and now I have found you, I am confident of achieving my goal, well done.

    Many, many thanks
    Adrian U.K.

  3. George Quittner says:

    Valerie, Thanks for your video on moving photos in lightroom to an external hard drive. I keep my photos on an external hard drive. I now want to move them to another larger drive. How do I maintain the collections when I move those photo files? Thank you.

    • Hi George. The collections are “virtual” and reside in your catalog database, so as long as you maintain the connection between the catalog and your images location, as explained in the video, everything will be as before.

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